“Scott's advice has been a tremendous value in my life and in my business. His calmness
and attention helped me decide what I truly wanted and what I truly wanted from my clients.  
I highly recommend Scott Weiner for all your coaching needs, he is amazing!"
S. Valentine, NYC

"The results are fantastic and still coming. Scott showed me a variety of techniques so I
could find out what worked for me. Always professional and extremely consistent, Scott was
very giving of his time and knowledge. This is the first time I addressed this challenge
directly and Scott was extremely supportive and diligent in helping me on my journey. I
recommend Scott to anyone seeking solid techniques that get results that last!” David H.

“I came to gain control of my thoughts. I believe Scott to be extremely knowledgeable and
skillful.  I appreciate Scott’s ability to go into further detail on the ‘why’ this works, citing
books, people, theories.  With these techniques people can literally “change the way they
think.”  I used the techniques daily and actually saw results immediately.  
These have been the most prescriptive sessions for change.  I enjoy the concrete tools used
to implement that change.  In Scott’s session, I feel like it is cause and effect, this is what
we work on… these are the results.  Simple as that.  I recommend others contact Scott to
discuss how he might help them make changes in their lives and the way they think. I felt
incredibly empowered by each session. “
Individual results may vary. To read other client testimonials about Scott E. Weiner

For free consultation call Scott E. Weiner at (212) 360-7222 to discuss how his Change the
Easy Way System™ can help you improve your life now.

Which of these benefits would you like to enjoy now? For some clients, the benefits of coaching
could include:

  • Greater success in your life and work
  • Establish your compelling goals and next step action plans
  • Encouragement, support , and accountability for taking action
  • Decrease worries and fears and open the way to taking action
  • Develop your Success Consciousness
  • Turn negative stress into positive energy
  • Think in a more optimistic, solutions-focus approach
  • You have more energy and joy.
  • Your focus and concentration grow . . . Your motivation  and drive grow.
  • You feel happier and enjoy activities more
  • You are more calm and less irritable.
  • Use self-hypnosis to generate creative ideas and insights for your success.

What benefits will you enjoy with skills coaching?

You could enjoy these benefits of CHANGE THE EASY WAY Coaching with NLP,  philosophy, and
guided imagery:
  • Make decisions with confidence. Take action with confidence. Achieve greater results.
  • Learn the lifelong mental skills of optimism, planning, taking action.
  • Learn to be resilient, bouncing back quicker to take action.
  • Improved interpersonal effectiveness.
  • Become powerful and elegant.
  • You enjoy the relaxing and comfortable process of creative guided imagery.
  • You reduce your negative reactions to the triggers that stress you out and keep you awake.
  • You lower and continue to reduce your stress with rapid self-help stress-reducing techniques.
  • You learn self-hypnosis so you can program your own improvements yourself.
  • You easily imagine the New You and use the powers of your mind to help you create this New You.


ANNOUNCING: The Change THE EASY WAY program  uses a customized combination of coaching, NLP,  
philosophy and cognitive techniques, EFT, guided imagery, and, if the client wishes, hypnosis sessions, for
helping to create the personal improvements you want THE EASY WAY. This unique program is exclusive to
Scott E. Weiner and is based on his successful Change THE EASY WAY system.  With his skills as a coach
and a corporate trainer, Scott E. Weiner knows how to help people make powerful improvements.

Each client’s program is customized. I
f you wish, learn how to do self-hypnosis to program your mind and
make other changes by yourself.

Call Scott E. Weiner for a free consultation at (212) 360-7222 to discuss how his Change THE
EASY WAY program can help you improve your life now.

“Scott Weiner is immediately likeable. He put me at ease right away and before I even
knew what was happening, he was grasping the essence of a personal issue with which I’d
been dealing for many years. I somehow felt very comfortable speaking to him about things
in my life which I had been resistant to changing. My interaction with him was quite pain-
free and not embarrassing at all; he seemed
not to be judging my thoughts and behaviors
but rather just figuring out what they were, describing them, and helping me to notice them.”

Andrew Seidenfeld, Director of Media Relations,  No Problem Productions (PR Firm)

As a coach, I help you to create and clarify your goals, and support your motivation to take appropriate
action. I am your facilitator, collaborator, and educator  to empower you to create the changes in your life you

As an educator and trainer, I clarify and discuss the processes we are doing. I teach you the skills and tools
of  goal setting, action planning, taking action, stress management, generating positive energy, and having
an optimistic outlook, so that you can successfully do these yourself.

I help you develop and use the power of your imagination to design compelling goals and to stay
motivated to achieve success.

5 of the Main Components of
Scott E. Weiner’s Change the Easy Way System™

1. Envision a compelling future and create next steps action plan.
2. Learn to eliminate or
greatly decrease negativity, worries, and stress that are blocking you
from your success.
3. Create and maintain self-motivation for persistence and resiliency.
4. Increase focus and concentration to keep your eyes on the prize.
5. Boost positive energy for confidence and drive.

Call me to discuss any questions you may have at (212) 360-7222 about my coaching program and Change
the Easy Way System™.

NOTE: Coaching does not involve the diagnosis or treatment of mental disorders as defined by the
American Psychiatric Association.  Coaching is not a substitute for counseling, psychotherapy,
psychoanalysis, mental health care or substance abuse treatment.  Coaching is not to be used it in place of
any form of diagnosis, treatment or therapy. Coaching is not to be used as a substitute for professional
advice by legal, medical, financial, business, spiritual or other qualified professionals.  Independent
professional guidance other than Scott E. Weiner is to be sought for legal, medical, financial, business,
spiritual or other matters.  All decisions in these areas are exclusively the client's and the client's decisions
and actions regarding them are the client's sole responsibility.

Coaching sessions are typical done on the telephone.  In the first session, we discuss your situation
and challenges and begin to clarify and set goals.  The follow-up sessions systematically develop your
customized program and include learning self-help techniques and tools.  Since stress is a significant factor
in many people’s lives, I include  instruction in tips and self-help techniques from my stress management
workshops. We will discuss if you would like to include hypnosis sessions
(for guided imagery, visualization,
motivation, etc.)
or learning how to do self-hypnosis in your program. . If you wish to include hypnosis or
learning to do self-hypnosis that would be done in person (not over the phone).

Appointments and Cancellation Policy:
If you need to change an appointment, please give at least 3 days notice. Scheduled appointments that are
cancelled less than 3 days (72 working hours of the time we were scheduled to start ) in advance will be
charge full session fee.  

You will be given 15 days notice of any change in fees.  


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