March 15, 2007 – Scott E. Weiner, Certified Hypnotist, presented a stress-reducing seminar today
to UN staff.

Weiner addressed learning managers for the UN Secretariat world-wide who were at the New
York City headquarters for their annual meeting.

“Workplace stress is a global phenomenon,” said Weiner. “With all the uncertainty, demands and
conflict in the workplace – and the world today – even a peace-keeping organization can get
stressed out.”

Weiner is the creator and facilitator of “Rapid Relief from Worries, Negativity, and Stress." This
unique approach combines philosophy, hypnotism and guided imagery to help people imagine
and interpret their situations in empowering ways. Participants are taught high-impact
techniques that bring stress relief in just a minute or less, and that they can use themselves to
reduce or prevent stress.

He has presented similar seminars at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Make-A-Wish
Foundation, the Learning Annex, 92nd Street Y, Barnes & Noble, several Westchester Chambers
of Commerce, Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis, and Lions.  
He presents a free monthly stress reduction
seminar at Gilda’s Club in White Plains and NYC for anyone touched by cancer.

Weiner also helps people to reduce stress, stop smoking, stop nail biting, promote wellness and
achieve other personal goals in his
coaching and hypnotism practice in Manhatten and by phone
and Skype.
He is currently writing a book on creative stress reduction techniques. He recently
published “Want to Stress Less?” in the
New York Law Journal Magazine.

For further information about his upcoming public seminars or how hypnosis might help you,

Scott E. Weiner to present a motivational kick off or informative seminar to your group.

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