Corporate Services
 Strategic and Tactical Planning
 Problem Solving Facilitation
 Sales Performance Consulting
 Leadership & Management Programs

 Stress-less Workshops™ for Specialized Audiences
 O.R.E. Techniques™ — Optimism and Resiliency
 Advanced Stress Management
 Stress-less Managers™ — Lowering Stress in Your Organization
(Consulting and Workshop)
 Manager as Coach

Sales Training
 Sales Excellence
 Handling Objections
 Building Rapport
 Manager as Sales Coach
 Improved Customer Service

Individual Sessions
 Interpersonal Effectiveness
 Public Speaking and Performance Jitters
 Clarifying and Designing Compelling Goals
 Smoking Cessation        
 Weight Management
 Motivation and Optimism
 Self-confidence          
 Procrastination
 Self-control  

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