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All of the workshops at Gilda's Club and Public Libraries are free and open to the public.  
These workshops include the same techniques that I teach in corporate workshops.

"Excellent.  Not a wasted moment in the workshop."
Please write a book!!"
"It was
great and helpful.  Thanks a lot."
Better way to think about things in less frustrating ways."
Learning new attitude dealing with stress."
Every one of the techniques is important and useful to me."
Calming effect and relaxation of the suggestive techniques."
"The guided imagery
brings me away from the stress."
Quick, easy techniques."                 "Hands-on way of learning."
Control how you feel."
Learned to relax in my most vulnerable time."  "Feeling of relaxation."
"It was
fun and interesting."
Great workshop!"                             "I enjoyed very much."
"This was
very helpful."                     "Keep up the good work."
Well organized.  Covers significant amount of material within one hour!!"
Scott's knowledge of other helpful books and techniques available."
"Personality of presenter is most important to success of this program.  
Scott Weiner is wonderful!"
Enthusiasm of Scott Weiner."      "The humor of Scott Weiner."

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Gilda's Club provides a place where men, women, and children with cancer and their families and friends
join with others to build social and emotional support as a supplement to medical care.

Free of charge and non-profit, Gilda’s Club is a community of people whose lives have been touched by
cancer…all types of cancer  to renew our spirits and our souls.

Scott E. Weiner presents free workshops at Gilda's Club, once monthly at Gilda's Club Westchester and
once monthly at Gilda's Club NYC.  These two workshop alternate each month.

Rapid Relief from Fear, Anger, Worry, Negativity, and  Stress — The Easy Way
Do you want easy and fast relief, so you can enjoy the benefits of more positive attitudes and a less stressful
life?  Learn easy 1-minute self-help techniques to let go of your stressful thoughts, relax rapidly, and
proactively prevent stress. This relaxing workshop includes calming guided imagery.

Easy Self-hypnosis for Life: Relief from Fear, Anger, Worry, Negativity, and Stress
Self-hypnosis is an amazing and easy technique that can help you to relax rapidly and gain soothing relief
from fear, anger, worry, negativity, and stress. This fun, informative workshop teaches and practices the 4
steps of Easy Self-hypnosis.  You will learn how to create effective suggestions and affirmations, how to use
imagery and visualization, and several simple, easy-to-use ways to develop a relaxed and focused state of
self-hypnosis. This relaxing workshop includes calming guided imagery.

Gilda's Club Westchester · 80 Maple Avenue · White Plains, NY 10601
Phone: 914·644·8844

Workshops are free. Please call to register, so we know seating arrangements and how many copies of
handouts to make. For date of Scott's next workshop, check their online calendar or call Gilda's Club.

Gilda's Club New York City · 195 West Houston Street · New York, NY 10014
Phone(212) 647-9700

Workshops are free. Please call to register, so we know seating arrangements and how many copies of
handouts to make. For date of Scott's next workshop, check their online calendar or call Gilda's Club.You
need to be a member to attend Gilda's Club NYC workshop. It's easy to become a member. Call Gilda's
Club to discuss.

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