“I had severe pain in my shoulder. Several visits to doctors did not help—even a
shot given by one doctor. Finally I went to Scott Weiner. After his hypnosis
sessions I was pain-free.   His soothing voice and techniques were all I needed.  A  
light pain returned a few days later. I repeated the procedure Scott taught me and I
have been pain-free ever since.”
Mildred Segall, retired teacher

“I had extreme pain in both feet and now I have much less pain. Although at first I
was doubtful it could work I learned to accept what hypnosis was. I was surprised
that my pain decreased after the sessions were performed.  I feel Scott has great
knowledge of his work, and has the patience to apply his knowledge with a person
that is doubtful as I am concerning hypnosis.”
William Bedell, Railroad Engineer (retired)

To read other client testimonials about hypnosis with hypnotist Scott E. Weiner, click on Hypnotism Results.
Individual results may vary.

ANNOUNCING: The Change THE EASY WAY program with guided imagery and hypnosis for
creating the personal improvements you want THE EASY WAY. This unique program is exclusive
to Scott E. Weiner and is based on his successful Change THE EASY WAY system.  With his skills
as a hypnotist and a corporate trainer, Scott E. Weiner knows how to help people make powerful

Scott E. Weiner created Pain Relief Imagery Coaching™ to help clients perceive and be aware of
less discomfort and to be aware of more comfort. Pain Relief Imagery Coaching™ uses a
customized combination of guided relaxation and imagery, hypnosis, suggestions, and self-help
stress reduction techniques. In the last session learn how to do hypnosis for yourself to reinforce
and make other changes in your life.

Each client’s Pain Relief Imagery Coaching™ hypnosis program is customized. In the last session
learn how to do self-hypnosis to make other changes by yourself.

For some clients, the benefits of Pain Relief Imagery Coaching™decreasing
discomfort could include:
  • You increase comfort.
  • You enjoy life more.
  • You are more active.
  • You have an enhanced quality of life.
  • You feel better about yourself.  
  • Discuss with your physician your health benefits from pain management.

What benefits will you enjoy when you are decrease discomfort?

You could enjoy these benefits of Pain Relief Imagery Coaching™ and Decreasing Discomfort
THE EASY WAY with guided imagery and hypnosis:
  • You create a variety of customized ways for you to rapidly decrease discomfort with the
    power of your mind.
  • You enjoy this relaxing and comfortable process of soothing guided imagery and powerful
  • You reduce your negative reactions to the triggers that lead to stress and tension.
  • You lower and reduce your stress with rapid self-help stress-reducing techniques.
  • You learn self-hypnosis so you can program your own improvements yourself.

Call hypnotist Scott E. Weiner for a free consultation at (914) 699-1238 to discuss how his Change
THE EASY WAY program with guided imagery and hypnosis can help you improve your life now.

*NOTE: All Pain Relief Imagery Coaching™, pain management, and complementary medical
hypnotism (which is hypnosis for issues related to medical conditions)
require a written referral
from a licensed medical professional.  These programs are complementary to your medical care.

Hypnotists do
not diagnose, treat, or prescribe for medical conditions. With a written referral from
a licensed medical professional, hypnotists help clients with issues related to medical conditions.  

Hypnotism is complementary and in addition to medical care.
Hypnotism is
not alternative or instead of medical care.
Hypnotism is
not a substitute for medical care, diagnosis, and treatment.
Hypnotism for pain management or for help with other issues related to medical conditions
requires a written referral from a licensed medical professional.

Scott E. Weiner is a certified hypnotist,
not a licensed medical professional.
Scott E. Weiner does
not diagnose, treat, or prescribe for medical conditions.
Check here, for rest of Disclaimer.

Call Scott E. Weiner at (914) 699-1238 and to discuss your situation, how he might help you, and
the referral.
Hypnosis office locations in NYC and Westchester, NY.

You can let your physician know that there is a special section of this web site created for medical
Information on Complementary Medical Hypnosis for Medical Professionals.

Scott E. Weiner has also published two articles on  hypnotism for medical professionals in the
Westchester Physician, published by the Westchester County Medical Society:

  • "Hypnotism Can Help Your Patients and You"(July/August 2005)
  • "Complementary Medical Hypnotism" (February 2006).

I usually meet with a client for 3-6 sessions. Since stress is a significant factor in many people’s
lives, I include in each session instruction in tips and techniques from my stress management
workshop. I also teach you to create your own suggestions and affirmations.

The first session is 1½-2 hours to discuss hypnosis and answer questions, clarify and set goals,
customize imagery and suggestions with your preferred images and phrasing, and facilitate your
hypnosis including guided imagery and suggestions.

The follow-up sessions, 45-60 minutes each, are for reinforcement, additional stress management
tips and techniques, hypnosis, and learning how to do self-hypnosis.  

Additional reinforcement sessions and 30-minute “booster” sessions are available.

During the hypnosis, your eyes will be closed approximately 22-45 minutes. If your contact lenses
might be a problem, please remove them just before hypnosis.

“Scott Weiner is immediately likeable. He put me at ease right away and before I even
knew what was happening, he was grasping the essence of a personal issue with
which I’d been dealing for many years.I somehow felt very comfortable speaking to
him about things in my life which I had been resistant to changing. My interaction with
him was quite pain-free and not embarrassing at all; he seemed not to be judging my
thoughts and behaviors but rather just figuring out what they were, describing them,
and helping me to notice them.”
Andrew Seidenfeld, Director of Media Relations,  No
Problem Productions (PR Firm)

I guide your imagination, help you to create and clarify your goals, and support your motivation to
take appropriate action. I am your facilitator, collaborator, and educator for hypnosis to empower
you to create the changes you desire.

As an educator and trainer, I clarify and discuss the processes we are doing. I teach you the skills
and tools of self-hypnosis, stress management, and goal setting and action planning, so that you
can successfully do these yourself.

I help you develop and use the power of your imagination to design compelling goals and to stay
motivated to achieve success.

Call me to discuss any questions you may have at (914) 699-1238 about  guided imagery and

Will I lose consciousness or surrender my will? Will I reveal secrets?

No.  Hypnosis is not being unconscious or asleep.  You will likely be even more aware and
focused during hypnosis.

Hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The process is collaborative, with the hypnotist guiding and facilitating
— but not controlling — the client’s imagination.

You will decide what you tell me about your challenges and goals.

“Scott is a great listener. He understands the fear, and focuses right on it. His manner
is very calm, understanding, and welcoming. At no point did I feel any apprehension
about hypnosis; rather, I was comfortable, and very focused.”
Stacey Morris, Open Space Organizing

Will I be hypnotized to do “odd” things such as “quack like a duck”?

No.  I do not practice Stage Hypnotism, which is for entertainment.

I am a certified member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and practice in accordance with its
Code of Ethics and Standards.  Our first principles of the Code of Ethics are the client’s welfare,
physical and mental well-being, and safety.

“Scott is completely professional yet relaxed and friendly in every way. He was very
honest in explaining hypnosis and what it can do.”
Ed D’Angelo, Librarian

“Scott is a terrific guide; his obvious intelligence, competence, and sincerity are
Robert Enteen, Ph.D., President, Medical News Focus

Ask your insurance company if they cover hypnotism if your medical provider prescribes
hypnotism or gives you a written referral for hypnotism.a hypnotist. However, I suggest you think
of my services as something that you will pay for personally.  That will protect your privacy and
help you value the work you are doing more.  In general, insurance companies do not like to cover
hypnotic services, and I caution you not to expect them to do so. In addition, any session notes
that I may write are not medical in nature and cannot be treated as such, even in pursuit of third-
party compensation. Upon written request, I will provide a record of the number of appointments,
their dates, and costs.
I will not release any information to anyone without a written authorization from you, except as
provided for by law.  All sessions may be video or audio taped by Mr. Scott E. Weiner and the
tapes are the sole property of Mr. Scott E. Weiner.

Scott E. Weiner is a certified member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, and practice in
accordance with its Code of Ethics and Standards.  If you have a complaint about my services or
behavior that I cannot resolve for you personally, you may contact the National Guild of
Hypnotists at P.O. Box 308, Merrimack, NH 03054-0308, (603) 429-9438, to seek redress.  Other
services than mine may be available in the community.  You may locate such providers in the
telephone book.

Appointments and Cancellation Policy:
If you need to change an appointment, please give at least 3 days notice. Scheduled appointments
that are cancelled less than 3 days (72 working hours of the time we were scheduled to start ) in
advance will be charge full session fee.  

You will be given 15 days notice of any change in fees.  

You may pay for services in advance or at the start of the session by check or cash.

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Hypnosis for Pain Management (requires written referral from your doctor)
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medical referral).
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