For civic and nonprofit organizations, Scott E. Weiner delivers high impact
pro bono FAST Stress Relief Workshop to help people quickly
  • Reduce negativity, worries, and stress
  • Improve interpersonal effectiveness and increase productivity

Mr. Weiner has delivered free FAST Stress Relief workshops and talks to:

Gilda's Club, Westchester, NYC, and NYC Brooklyn Members and Staff
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Staff and Hike for Discovery
Make-a-Wish Foundation                                                                                        
With City of Mount Vernon Mayor Davis
Mayor and Department Heads, City of Mount Vernon                                      
New York State Senator's Staff
Kiwanis, Lions, and Rotary Clubs                                                                  
Chambers of Commerce                                                                                                                           
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“Scott Weiner’s Fast Stress Relief Workshop provides techniques and tools that can allow an
individual to cognitively reinterpret negative and stressful thoughts.  Scott Weiner facilitates his
Stress Relief Workshop with optimal understanding of individual strengths and complexities. He
combines humor and professionalism in his workshop and entertains.”
 Migdalia Torres, LCSW,
Cancer Care Organization

For nonprofit organizations, Scott E. Weiner facilitates brainstorming sessions, using a process
for applied imagination and deliberate creativity based on the 6-step Alex Osborn-Sid Parnes
Creative Problem Solving (CPS) process.  CPS is a framework for creativity that has been
researched, developed, proven, and taught for more than 50 years by the Creative Education
Foundation and at the annual international Creative Problem Solving Institute (
www., where Mr. Weiner has been a participant and facilitator.

"Scott Weiner was gracious enough to provide a pro-bono workshop for the members of Gilda's
Club Westchester, a non-profit cancer support community in White Plains, NY, and he also
facilitated a workshop for our staff. Working with Scott Weiner has been a pleasure from day one.
He is extremely knowledgeable, and his workshops are useful and practical. He is dedicated to
helping others better themselves through stress reduction, and provides simple tips to reducing
stress. His techniques were easy to learn and simple to use and he had great ideas about how to
integrate stress reduction into your everyday life. Feedback for Mr. Weiner's workshop was
fabulous; they loved it and want him to return!"
Christine Consiglio, LCSW, Program Coordinator,
Gilda's Club Westchester

Scott E. Weiner’s Stress Relief Workshops would teach people how to reduce their stress and at
the same time can serve as a fundraiser — with a portion of the participant’s ticket used for
fundraising. This would be a unique event for specific audiences such as singles, job seekers, or

A new study shows that one-third of Americans are chronically overworked — and even more feel
overwhelmed by their jobs ("Overwork in America" by the Families and Work Institute).  The
American Institute of Stress points out that 1 million workers every day are absent due to stress. It
has been that estimated that the vast majority of physician office visits are for stress-related
ailments and complaints.

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