“Scott knows what he’s doing. For anyone who wants a hypnotist,
can do no better than Scott Weiner.” Ed D’Angelo, Librarian

"I know nail biting is a nervous habit, but nothing seemed to work until Scott Weiner
used his hypnotist’s skills
to help me resolve my problems.  The sessions I had had
immediate results.  I’d recommend him highly.”  Mildred Segall, Retired Teacher

In midtown Manhattan:
TRS Professional Suite, 44 East 32nd Street, NYC, between Park and Madison Avenues,
NYC, 11th Floor. The 6 subway is half a block away.
TRS' phone number is
(212) 685-2848..

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Hypnosis to Reduce Stress
Hypnosis to Stop Smoking
Hypnosis to Lose Weight
Hypnosis to Stop Nail Biting
Hypnosis to Improve Sleep
Hypnosis for Pain Management (requires written referral from your doctor)

Guided Imagery and Hypnosis to Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Stop Nail Biting, Improve Sleep, Increase Confidence, Manage and Reduce Stress, Learn Self-hypnosis, and Pain Management (requires
written medical referral).
Scott E. Weiner, CH, Certified Hypnotist, Hypnosis offices conveniently located in Westchester (Bronxville, NY) and Midtown Manhattan.

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