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"Simple Techniques Reduce The Cost Of Stress To Business"  in
Westchester County Business Journal

"How Relaxing Hypnosis and Soothing Guided Imagery Can Help You Achieve Success"

Announcing my most recent published article on hypnotic language principles for positive
language usage… if you are a trainer, teacher, parent, or sales person, this article is especially
important for you … you can get a free copy of “Reframing for Communicating Effective
Expectations, ” written for the American Society for Training and Development at
org/LEARNVol2Issue3.pdf .

Still available … the earlier article “How to Use Suggestions for Learning Positive Expectations” is at
// The third article in this series discussing hypnotism, language,
training, and medical situations has been submitted for publication.  Contact
Scott E. Weiner to present
a motivational kick off or reducing stress workshop to your group.

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