Activity-based, engaging, and highly participatory
•  Emphasis on relevant techniques and practical tools
•  Practice using participants’ actual situations and business challenges
•  Goal setting and action planning to create and sustain success
•  System for self-management
•  3-hour or 8-hour (recommended as two separate 4-hour workshops)

Train conveniently on-site!

Not another theoretical course or lecture seminar!

These interactive workshops focus on stress management techniques that participants use immediately and
continue using after the workshop.  These highly effective workshops utilize the best practices of accelerated
learning, performance consulting, systems thinking, and adult learning methodology.

•  Benefits of Stress Management
•  Positive and Negative Stress
•  Stress Management Beliefs and Attitudes
•  Stress Prevention
•  On-the-spot Rapid Relaxation
•  Letting Go
•  Group Guided Imagery
•  Self-hypnosis: Creating Effective Suggestions
•  Rehearsal of Techniques
•  Goal Setting  and Action Planning

•  P
EPAIRP System™ for self-management
•  Instant Relaxation
•  Realigning Expectations with the P.A.C.T. Movement™ — proactively reduce stress
•  Rapid State Change — rapidly relax, become calm, build confidence, etc.
•  Energizing Questions — productively handle challenges
•  Deletion & Erasure — efficiently let go and move on
•  Self-hypnosis — easily relax and rehearse techniques
•  O.R.E. Techniques™ — Optimism and Resiliency*
•  Calmness During Confrontations — remain calm while gathering essential information to take action*
•  Using Humor and Improv*
* Included only in 8-hour workshop

•  Participant Manual — Workbook and Reference
•  25 Additional Techniques List
•  Action Planning Templates
•  Reference Cards
•  Reinforcement

Workshops are offered for specific audiences, including

•  Stress Relief for Successful Attorneys
•  Stress Relief for Successful Medical Staff
•  Stress Relief for Successful Pharmaceutical Representatives
•  Stress Relief Successful Professionals
•  Stress Relief Successful Real Estate Agents
•  Stress Relief for Successful Retail Staff
•  Stress Relief for Successful Sales Professionals
•  Stress Relief for Successful Singles
•  Stress Relief for Successful Teachers
•  Stress Relief for Successful Temporary Staff

Consulting and Workshop
•  Stress Management for Successful Managers — Lowering Stress in Your Organization

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Services provided by Scott E. Weiner are not intended to take the place of professional counseling or medical or
psychological care and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Mr. Scott E.
Weiner’s instructions and the information provided are, and are intended to be, educational in nature, providing
information, instruction, support, and encouragement. Mr. Scott E. Weiner’s Ph.D. is in Philosophy and he is a
certified hypnotist.  Mr. Scott E. Weiner is not a licensed physician or licensed mental health professional or
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Please consult a health care provider before making any health care decisions or for guidance about a specific
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Stress Management Workshops
Training objective: Performance improvement for bottom-line results.