Activity-based, engaging, and highly participatory
•  Emphasis on relevant techniques and practical tools
•  Practice using participants’ actual situations and business challenges
•  Goal setting and action planning to create and sustain success
•  System for self-management
•  Activity-based, engaging, and highly participatory
•  3-hour or 8-hour (recommended as two separate 4-hour workshops)

Train conveniently on-site!

Confident, highly motivated sales professionals who prospect regularly and perform the right sales activities
on a consistent, systematic basis are more productive and tend to have better results.

Three key factors that hold sales professionals back from being more productive and successful are their (1)
apprehensions, “fear of rejection,” “fear of failure,”  “fear of making a mistake,” etc., (2) lack of confidence,
and (3) lack of motivation to systematically do the sales activities that create results, including prospecting
and filling the sales funnel.

Simply telling someone “don’t be afraid!” or ”be motivated!” is ineffective.

It is more effective for sales people to use the power of their imagination and mind to feel motivated and
confident, to be propelled to taking action, and to gain success and results.  However, these are skills that
are not taught in school.  Sales people need to learn how to program their imagination for success,
confidence, and motivation. These are skills and techniques that are teachable and can be used for rest of
their lives

This workshop has been designed to help sales professionals learn to use the power of their imagination —
which created many of these apprehensions and concerns in the first place — to (1) overcome their
prospecting apprehensions and sales concerns, (2) build confidence in themselves and their sales abilities
a and (3) increase their motivation to perform productive sales actions, including prospecting.

This interactive workshop is very different from selling skills courses or lecture seminars!

The focus of this workshop is on training skills and techniques for overcoming prospecting fears and
increasing confidence and motivation.  These are skill the participants use immediately in the workshop and
continue using after the workshop. These highly effective workshops utilize the best practices of accelerated
learning, performance consulting, systems thinking, and adult learning methodology.

•        Pre-Course Self-Assessment of Prospecting and Selling Fears and Concerns
•        Personal Goals and Benefits of  Successful Prospecting and Selling
•        PEPAIRP System™ for Self-management
•        Power of Your Mind for Self-Programming Success, Confidence, and Motivation*
•        Reframing “FEAR” — reduce worrying and gain new perspectives*
•        Reframing  “Fear of Rejection” — reduce demotivational thinking to speak motivation-building                
•        Realigning Expectations — proactively reduce sales fears and stress*
•        Instant Confidence Technique #1*
•        Instant Confidence  and Motivation Technique #2*
•        Rapid State Change — rapidly increase concentration, boost motivation, build confidence, etc.*
•        Visualizing Success — overcome call resistance and prospecting demotivation*  
•        O.R.E. Techniques™ — think and act with optimism and resiliency*
•        Group Guided Imagery of Successful, Confident Prospecting and Selling*
•        Self-hypnosis — learn to create effective suggestions and use self-hypnosis*
•        Rehearsal of Techniques
•        Goal Setting  and Action Planning*
•        Plan for Reinforcement of Skills and Techniques
•        Post-Course Self-Assessment Of Prospecting And Selling Confidence And Motivation

*This list includes more potential topics and techniques than can be included in one 3-hour workshop.  In our
strategy and customizing meeting, we will select the ones most appropriate for your group to more to the
next level of prospecting and selling.

•        Strategy Meeting to discuss training goals and to customize workshop language to your company’s
wording for sales process and steps, sales activities and goals, etc.
•        Participant Manual — Workbook & Reference
•        Action Planning Templates
•        Laminated Reference Cards

Workshops are also offered for specific audiences, including

•  Less Stress Successful Pharmaceutical Representatives™
•  Less Stress Successful Real Estate Agents™
•  Less Stress Successful Retail Staff™
•  Less Stress Successful Sales Professionals™

Consulting and Workshop
•  Stress Management for Successful Sales Managers — Lowering Stress in Your Organization

Scott E. Weiner, C.H., has more than 15 years experience in training, consulting, and sales. As a consultant,
he delivers customized client appropriate solutions.  As a corporate trainer, he creates and facilitates results-
focused training to improve performance.

Selling and Sales Consulting
For the leading companies in their industries — AT&T, John Hancock, IIR, and Merck — Mr. Weiner was
a sales professional. Mr. Weiner developed new selling models and sales philosophies for major
corporations during post-merger integration and restructuring of the sales force.  These strategic initiatives
increased the sustainability of the clients’ new corporate cultures, sales force morale, and sales results.

Learning and Performance
Mr. Weiner was the co-founder and Executive Director, Vice President, Learning & Performance, of
a sales consulting and training company
, with clients including AstraZeneca, Aventis,
GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, Schering-Plough, and Wyeth
.  He developed 8 flagship
blended learning products to focus learning, shorten training time, and increase retention for consistent
execution of marketing strategy. Previously, he was a
corporate sales trainer at the AT&T School of
Business and Technology for the AT&T global sales force
.  He has earned additional certificates for
training and organization development (NYU), instructional designer/developer (Langevin Learning
Services), advanced online learning designer (Capella University), creative training techniques (Bob Pike),
and accelerated learning (Center for Accelerated Learning).
For further information about Scott Weiner's background, see
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certified hypnotist.  Mr. Scott E. Weiner is not a licensed physician or licensed mental health professional or
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services Mr. Scott E. Weiner renders are held out to the public as nontherapeutic hypnotism, defined as the use of
hypnosis to inculcate positive thinking and the capacity for self-hypnosis. Mr. Scott E. Weiner does not represent his
services as any form of medical, behavioral or mental health care, and despite research to the contrary, by law he
may make no health benefit claims for his services.  Please consult a health care provider before making any health
care decisions or for guidance about a specific medical condition.

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