"Our employees raved about Scott Weiner’s wonderful Stress Reduction workshops.  Our work
environment can be particularly stressful, and Scott provided not just theory but c
oncrete, practical
techniques to help people immediately reduce their stress and improve their day-to-day work and
personal lives
.  People who normally don't attend training sessions because they are ‘too busy,’ made
the time to attend this one.  The sessions were
so popular we have asked him back twice more this
by popular demand. Scott is highly professional, skilled and easy to work with."
Jan Ginsberg, Chief Talent Officer, Euro RSCG Life

Transform Non-productive Stress and Feeling Overwhelmed into
      Professional Presence and Focusing                      
For Innovative Problem-Solving and Achieving Extraordinary Results

"Working with Scott Weiner has been a pleasure from day one. He is extremely knowledgeable, and his
workshops are
useful and practical. He is dedicated to helping others better themselves through stress
reduction, and provides simple tips to reducing stress. His techniques were
easy to learn and simple to
use and he had great ideas about how to integrate stress reduction into your everyday life
Feedback for Mr. Weiner's workshop was fabulous;
they loved it and want him to return!"
Christine Consiglio, LCSW, Program Coordinator, Gilda's Club Westchester

  Unblock from non-productive stress to channel enthusiasm and drive for results
  Respond calmly and increase customer confidence and loyalty
  Increase self-confidence and approach challenges from an in-control position
  Manage time effectively and increase productivity
  Plan how to incorporate stress reduction into their life on a daily basis
  Improve interpersonal effectiveness  and professional presence
  Manage time effectively and increase productivity
  Focus on their activities, undistracted by their own issues and non-work related concerns
  Deliver exceptional customer service to maintain customer loyalty   

"For sustainable competitive advantage, it is essential that employees contribute their best and
achieve extraordinary results."
Scott E. Weiner

  • Stress management training conveniently on-site!!!
  • No PowerPoints slides!!   
  • Energizing activity-based learning of key principles,
core strategies, and essential skills for reducing and
channeling stress!

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